Today is the last day of my blogging course.



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and other things I nurture…..

It’s two days since my blogging class and I am really excited.  At the class, I learned a few things that I thought made my blog LOOK nicer and thus inspired me to post my thoughts.  Initially, I had and am having problems remembering where to go to make changes but can see now that only playing at it will push me through this.


But, for now, i want to talk about the persimmons tree I have sitting on my deck.  This isn’t really my tree but is living here until the owner finds a new home for it.   The owner is my son.  He was given this tree/shrub by his girlfriend’s grandparents and because he doesn’t have room for it in his apartment, it is here at the family home.    It is stunning and so unusual in terms of what I have in my garden.    It flowered profusely and actually produced mini persimmons – about the size of olives.   We’re not going to get a meal out of this.   We have a real deer problem in our area so early on I wrapped the tree/shrub in chicken wire and successfully kept the deer away.   Today I will take more soft wood cuttings to try and create more.